African Decor Living Room

African Decor Living Room

Going for an African style is all about reconnecting with nature and its unadulterated magic. Unlike many other themes, trying to add an African flavor to the room without using organic and sustainable materials is next to impossible. Wood in its various forms is an important constituent of the African design scheme. You have plenty of choices here with cedar, ebony or African mahogany among many other popular wood types. If you are opting for a full-fledged African look, then artifacts and earthenware are also a great way of expressing the theme in its truest form.
african decor living room 1

African Decor Living Room

Scattering a few well-chosen pieces of authentic tribal art in a room is the perfect way to tie your African theme together. Drums, for example, are renowned throughout African society and make very interesting conversation pieces. Leave a small drum at the end of the couch or by a few plants, or even create a unique end table from a larger one! African woven baskets, meanwhile, can be used for wall ornaments, magazine holders, or fruit baskets.
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African Decor Living Room

Slogging through an undergrowth of predictable patterns and drab decorations, you part the bushes to reveal a rare spectacle indeed. Safari and African home decor lies in wait for you. Basking in earthen colors and sheaves of animal print, this decorating theme is not for the faint of heart. Peruse our safari and African decor for a ferocious focal point.
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African Decor Living Room

If you’ve always fancied the sleek splendor of a safari and African themed bedroom, why not explore our bedding? Safari-style bedding features neutral colors offset by zebra stripes, leopard spot rosettes and other animal prints. Throw a vivid, solid color pillow into the mix for an unexpected pop, or accent your nightstand with a fierce-looking lamp. Discover bedding that conveys your favorite theme! Safari and African home decor can pack a visual punch while still appearing quite restful; simply pair animal prints with neutral bedding components.
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African Decor Living Room

Africa is an exotic place, which excites and stays on your mind forever, once you see it. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring this flavor to your home creating African-inspired interiors. Such rooms are perfect for countries with long winters, just to add some warmth to the interiors. What are the characteristic features of African décor?
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African Decor Living Room

Color is very important in creating the feel of an African safari, so decorate with earthy shades. Browns, creams, taupes, or golds on the walls echo the colors of the African savanna and carry the added benefit of warming the atmosphere of any room. Accent colors like rusty reds, burnt oranges, and olive greens, on the other hand, complete the look and keep the space looking natural and inviting.
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African Decor Living Room

Artwork draws its inspiration from African art styles and Serengeti scenes. Evoke a big cat peering through savanna grass with canvases depicting leopard, lion and tiger eyes. You can grace your walls with the stylized appeal of tribal masks, or go for a more realistic touch with lifelike sculptures. Safari and African wall art also includes metal wall sculptures, animal tapestries and more. Conjure an authentic look with our safari art.
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African Decor Living Room

On the prowl for some savory furnishings? Safari furniture will satisfy a craving of herd-size proportions. Ground your home in a natural setting with wooden textures, faux leather and woven rattan. Drape a throw blanket over a bench upholstered in cheetah print, and stash your subtropical treasures in a chest of woven drawers. Safari and African furniture brings natural textures to your space. Plus, lay a gorgeous foundation for furniture with area rugs. Leopard print rugs, in particular, will prowl along your floors for a sleek and bold look. Search our safari and African rugs for zebra stripe motifs, tribal-inspired patterns and much more.
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Do not be afraid to try to go bold with the African style. Vivacious yellows, bright natural greens and revitalizing reds seem perfectly at home in an audacious setting that draws inspiration from different cultures of the region. This is a particularly apt look for the kids’ bedroom, where you can recreate an African safari setting with colorful wallpaper and textiles with a wild print!
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Randomly throwing in a rug with zebra stripes along with a matching throw pillow or two does not mean you have adopted the African style. If anything, such additions often seem more at home in glamorous Hollywood Regency-styled rooms! Yet, it is still possible to usher in the African vibe in a delicate, restrained manner by combining it tidily with other design style. Like some of the interiors on display here, you could create an exclusive display cabinet or a small nook to showcase your art collection inspired by Africa. While the rest of the house continues to remain contemporary, this small niche becomes a remarkable focal point and an instant conversation starter.
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While some of our readers prefer the unabashed approach to interior design, others might appreciate a more laid-back, semi-minimalist approach. Even if you are not lucky enough to own any African artifacts or textiles, you can still bring home a bit of the continent’s amazing aura by simply choosing the right colors. Nothing says Africa like inviting, warm earth tones. Snug yellow, sandy orange, muted red and brown fit this billing ideally. But ensure that instead of a polished lacquered look, the finish is a touch rustic and raw. A simple guide in choosing the right hues for an African-inspired interior is the image of the sun setting on the vast plains of the Serengeti!
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Safari and African home decor will unleash your wild streak! Feisty animal prints, tribal motifs and tawny neutrals combine for a fierce decorating theme. Chart a course through our safari-themed wall decor, furniture and more.
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Finally, sweep your interior design binoculars toward the kitchen. African and safari kitchen decor features a menagerie of chair cushions and table runners for your dining room table. Crown the entire arrangement with a wild centerpiece from our home accents, and you’ll draw quite the colorful crowd to your own little oasis!
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A long hallway, in which resident pup Bella lounges, connects the living rooms and kitchen areas with the bedrooms. Masks from the African Market in Johannesburg adorn the wall.
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Choose a wall without doors or windows to be the focal point of the room.  Consider painting it a darker shade than the others to add depth and draw the eye.  Then fill the space with an African mask or mask collection, paintings depicting rural life, or wood-framed mirrors.  For a softer texture on your accent wall, try hanging up an authentic kente cloth or batik wall hanging.  Accent walls are endlessly versatile, so it’s up to you and your preferences.
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Bold and contemporary Arizona living room. Browns, grays and blacks tie this living room together seamlessly. The perfectly suited set of furniture made this room worth saving, and Houzzers noted the well-designed layout as well.
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Whatever they are, they are beautiful, and as Houzz contributor Charmean Neithart hilariously pointed out, the dog matches. I digress. The point is, you can hang a collection of many types of things: hats, purses, African baskets ….
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Cozy, energetic, engaging and often transcendental, African design is as charming as the continent itself. Even if you are not thinking about a complete makeover, add an element or two of this fascinating style to your interior and you will instantly see the transformation. Pretty soon, you will find yourself roped in by the magic and the mystique of Africa…
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Televisions. Formal living rooms are frequently saved for entertaining guests; however, some people have only one living room and will want to place a television in it. Since televisions now come in a wide variety of sizes, arranging furniture for them depends on which TV is chosen and how it’s used.
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So you’ve decided it’s time for a decor makeover — great!  But everywhere you look for inspiration seems to be making a tradeoff you’re not happy about: coziness for style, or vice versa. Their rooms are either chic but sterile, or comfy but inelegant.
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Place some furniture perpendicular to the length of the room. In this room, if they had placed a long sofa facing the fireplace, by the time you put a coffee table in front of it, you would have to walk right through the sitting area to get by. Plus, the room would have looked longer and skinnier!
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Place furniture in a corner arrangement with the foot traffic angling across open space. In this living room, the door opens right into one side, and a console table keeps you from walking straight down that side.
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Elegant foyer photo in New York with white walls and medium tone hardwood floors — HouzzLOVE THESE-if ever collected it would be weather vanes 3. Weather vanes. These charming follies are usually admired while looking up to a rooftop from the garden below, but weather vanes can spark just as much joy at eye level (if not exactly telling you which way the wind is blowing). These playful silhouettes can bring an eclectic farmhouse touch in kitchens, living rooms, on porches and in every other room in the house. The time they have spent outdoors leaves them with well-weathered patina — sarahamiller EmbedEmailQuestion

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