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One among the leading advantages of a sectional sofa is that they fit perfectly in a smaller room and can accommodate more people than a regular sofa in similar conditions. Sectional sofas are practically a long term investment, so before buying it, we must indulge ourselves with good forethought. A variety of sectional sofas are available. We can decide which one we want as per the dimensions and space of our room. A ‘left arm facing’ sectional is such a sofa in which the arm is on the left side and one in which the arm is on the right side is known as ‘right arm facing’ sectional.

Consider the sectional sofa, buy it and let it be a part of your living space for decades to come. You will be able to easily do things such as relocating, according to your wish. Before buying it consider all the options. For every buyer there is one unique sofa. The top priority when searching for one should be the quality and shape. Buyers also look for a sectional that can fit better in their home considering personal taste, color and style. The selection of the fabric is a major factor while choosing a sectional sofa.

This Baxton Studio sectional sofa is just like the previous one, it is also made of quality leather. The leather, fabric gives this particular sofa an urban and youthful vibe. The sofa has a nice brown shade and is made up of two pieces, one is the left facing chaise and the other is the sofa itself. Another great feature about this sofa is that it is pretty spacious and can accommodate five to seven people.

Sectional sofas are always an asset to our home. A sectional sofa eliminates the need for other furniture pieces due its nature of being a multi-functional furniture, it especially helps if there isn’t enough space in the living room. A sectional can seat a large number of people. It also provides space for sleeping as well as reclining and lounging areas. It can also be a comfortable inclusion to any home. They come in a variety of materials and colors to charm all the buyers, and a dedicated purchaser could use his skills to find a really cool and unique sectional.

We know that when it comes to a sectional, we definitely want something comfy that will last while holding up to all sorts of insane kid-antics (growing up we used to shoot our sofa at point-blank range with everything from nerf balls to rubber bands, and that’s only the beginning of the torture that thing endured). And we know that a high price tag from one of the two amazingly reputable companies mentioned above would surely factor in things like quality construction and premium materials. But after a lot of debate, we decided that with a pooch and a baby (who definitely both give our current slipcovered sofa what can best be described as a workout) something swanky and un-slipcovered (even in a dark color) might not be the best match for our family at this point in our lives. Especially with such a high cost attached. See, we want this house to be all about living. With an emphasis on large casual family gatherings. We don’t want to live in fear that a nephew of ours might pierce/stain/otherwise maim the 5K sofa every time we have people over. And we definitely don’t want to beat ourselves up every time the dog gets past us with muddy paws or the baby shows us her previously swallowed green beans after a rigorous dance interlude with daddy.

We recently went on a sectional hunt. Maybe this post would have been more entertaining if we channeled National Geographic and sprung for an Australian voice over artist to say things like “they wait in the brush, as the giant wildebeast sectional approaches” or “slowly and stealthily, the panthers Petersiks stalk their prey.” Oh well. The point is that we searched high and low for a new sectional. We didn’t just look around these here parts (now I’m getting all southern on you). We took a road trip all the way up to DC (2 hours north) to drop in on the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store along with a huuuge Room & Board showroom (four levels and 3,600 square feet of furniture = heaven, at least if you’re me). Sadly the trip ended with us falling in love with a few gorgeous things that we couldn’t afford, namely this ginormous and oh so comfy sectional in a rich charcoal gray fabric:

Williams-Sonoma Customizable Sectional Sofa From $1,450 Williams Sonoma Home Williams-Sonoma's most affordable and modular offering, the W-S Sectional is their "signature sectional that lets you tailor your seating to intimate or grand spaces." With a super cozy roll arm, even back and loose cushions, the frame has mortise-and-tenon joinery, kiln-dried sustainably harvested hardwood and 8-way hand-tied springs in seat and sinuous steel springs in back." All cushions are foam core wrapped with a "premium down blend."

The current and ongoing way of this society always roots for evolving and sectional sofas could provide such a change in your living space. Sectional sofas are an elegant and a wonderful alternative to the old, tedious and uncomfortable living room couches? Through this reviews of the best sectional sofas, you can find the perfect one for your living room. Let’s start!

Best sectional sofa – Because the sectional couch has grown in popularity, so ask for different beautiful variations. One of the most popular parts nowadays is a sidewall with lazy chairs attached. Everyone likes to sit back and relax and with this comfortable addition, you can do just that. Just sit back, relax and lift your legs.

And the price for this giant sectional plus add-on chaise lounge (which will create a huge family-friendly hangout zone in our cavernous living room) was just… wait for it… $1,248. Basically just a few hundred dollars more than we spent on our white Rowe sofa, but it’s three times the size. Literally. We had to tape off the outline of the sectional on the floor just to make sure it would fit. And once the tape went down on the floor we started getting excited. It would be giant and perfect for our huge family. And best of all- not too precious! Bring on the ice pops and fruit punch.

I will admit that I used to think of sectionals only for BIG rooms, but times have changed, designs are MUCH more modular and I want to highlight that sectionals can really be a solution for a small space as well as a large one (our readers voted for sectional over sofa and chairs here and over here they weighed the pros and cons). Why? You can buy only what you need (they're easier to get up the stairs and through the door) and then add to them later when you have a bigger home. Here is our first ever guide to top picks in the Sectional Department. Enjoy and let me know if you have more in the comments.

Gus Mix Modular Sofa From $980 GUS*Modern Another super modular solution where every piece is a cube that can be swapped in and out, GUS "lets you mix and match components and fabrics to build a custom sectional, sofa or chaise to perfectly suit your space." I particularly like the mixing of the fabrics as seen above, along with the matching (or not) bolsters. Made of Kiln dried FSC certified hardwood and each piece joined with integrated connectors on the underside.

Room & Board Holden Sectional from $3,997 BUY NOWUsers love this sectional for its low profile and deep, cushy seating. Though sectionals can sometimes feel clunky in a space, this one's open-chaise style reads as lighter and less imposing.

West Elm Dunham Down-Filled 3-Piece Sectional from $3,197 BUY NOWFor those who love the fluffy, airy feeling of down in your bedding, opt for the same sort of fill to support you in the living room. Impeccably tailored, and available in a choice array of materials, this is one sectional sure to bring your household closer together.

Williams-Sonoma's most affordable and modular offering, the W-S Sectional is their "signature sectional that lets you tailor your seating to intimate or grand spaces." With a super cozy roll arm, even back and loose cushions, the frame has mortise-and-tenon joinery, kiln-dried sustainably harvested hardwood and 8-way hand-tied springs in seat and sinuous steel springs in back." All cushions are foam core wrapped with a "premium down blend."

New Standard Sectional Collection From $1,699 Blu Dot A stunning collection from the fellows out at Blu Dot, the New Standard has a sharp modern silhouette that is gently lifted on slim metal legs. With over thirty pieces/configurations, you can run this from armchair to ottoman to huge sectional and back down again.

Jasper Sectional From $1,999 Room & Board One of many new styles at R&B, the Jasper has a great, mid century style with nicely lifted wood legs and the ability to switch the chaise to the left or right at will. Their "Sectional Builder" allows you to customize the Jasper (as well as other styles) any way you want and buy piece by piece switching out fabrics.