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wooden crate walmart 12

wooden crate walmart 12

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graphic wooden crate walmart 12
graphic wooden crate walmart 12

This X-Large Wood Crate is made of smooth, unfinished pine. Apply your favorite finish to it or use it as is for a unique decorative accent. This pallet crate could hold potted plants, rolled towels, magazines or files. Place it in a bedroom, bathroom, office or kitchen. Or set it beside a favorite chair or couch for easy access to reading materials. This wood storage crate comes fully assembled. It features handles for extra convenience. The slatted sides allow glimpses inside, and its roomy interior makes it a fully functional storage option. This large wood crate is a Crate and Pallet product. It would make a unique gift basket for just about any occasion. X-Large Wood Crate: A Crates and Pallet product Ships fully assembled Smooth, unfinished pine can be painted with your favorite finish or left raw Slatted sides allow you to easily see contents This pallet crate would make a unique gift basket

The Crates and Pallet Small Wood Crate is just the right size to hold small notebooks and other items to keep you organized. It can be combined with other similarly sized crates to expand your storage capacity, giving you almost limitless options for keeping your home or office tidy. This wood storage crate is unfinished, so you can choose a finish to match your home, or leave it raw for a more rustic aesthetic. The shallow square style allows you to store books, files, mail and other assorted items as needed. This unfinished wood crate offers slatted sides that not only create a stylish and unique look, but also let you easily see what is inside. This storage device is shallow, making it a breeze to move around when necessary. With this Crates and Pallet Small Wood Crate, you will have just what you need to keep your place looking its best with an organized way of maintaining your space.

The Large Wood Crate provides both rustic decoration and convenient storage for your home or office. It comes unfinished, so you can add any color or finish you desire to match your decor. Made of pine, it is sturdy and durable and will hold a variety of items, such as magazines or books and more. The slatted sides allow you to view the unfinished wood crate crate's contents. It can also be lifted and carried easily. It holds hanging file folders, so you can quickly find the documents you need at the workplace or home office. Multiple crates can also be stacked to create vertical shelves.

When it was time to use the mending plates, Yankee Bill and I decided that we didn’t like how the bright metal plates looked against the wood.  I had a partial jar of “hammered metal” spraypaint down in the basement, so we used that.  A black would have looked good too–sort of like a wrought iron effect. Yankee Bill was kind enough to pull out the drill and do the connecting for me.  If you look in the pictures below you will see that the backs of the crates are not finished–and you will also note that the mending plates aren’t always straight.  In a couple of places he had to adjust them to avoid hitting a metal staple.  We chose to do one plate on each side where the crates met in the back, and then one plate where each crate met on the sides at the front of the shelf. There was only one issue when we were finished putting the crates together–the slats didn’t line up exactly between crates!  So those “unfinished/unstained” tops showed through in just a couple of places.  I pulled out the can of stain (there were just dribbles inside) and a kids paintbrush I didn’t mind destroying and fixed it. Then all that was left was to place the bookshelf and fill it up.  This is a very tall, narrow bookshelf, so the best and safest thing to do is to actually attach it to the wall with a tip resistant strap.  If you choose not to do that be careful and make sure you keep heavy items on the bottom shelf.  I am just so thrilled with my bookshelf!  Of course you can make it in different configurations–shorter, wider, multiple heights.  You can change the look by varying the stain color, using paint, or even using different colors for the inside and outsides.  Get creative! I hope I’ve inspired some of you to try making your own Wooden Crate Bookshelf!

This weekend I created a bookshelf inspired from Pintrest. I originally looked into Michaels and ordered 12 crates. When they arrived they were just a little to small so after revisiting the pin online it mentioned finding the crates I needed at Walmart. I ordered 12 for free pickup at store. The associates were so helpful and even brought all the crates to my car and helped me load them. The crates were the perfect size, but unfortunately fell just a little short in the quality department. Especially after handling the crates I originally ordered from Michaels I could really see the difference in the crates from Walmart. The crates were very poorly sanded and 2 out of 12 crates had a broken plank. I was still able to complete the bookshelf using a strong epoxy so I feel this product got the job done, however you can definitely tell Walmart does not specialize in quality craft items.

This simple Medium Wood Crate makes a good shelving solution in a home office or garage. This box is designed to hold hanging file folders and is easily stackable. Built from smooth unfinished pine, you can make this file storage crate any color or finish that you desire. The slatted sides give you a convenient view of the contents inside, and it arrives already assembled.

I wanted to make a crate shelf so badly in my last house, but I could never find nice enough crates to use. Didn’t think to look at Walmart, though I doubt the ones near me have those pretty little things.

I wanted to make a crate shelf so badly in my last house, but I could never find nice enough crates to use. Didn’t think to look at Walmart, though I doubt the ones near me have those pretty little things. Your shelf looks so good! And that teddy bear on the top shelf: perfect!

Crates & Pallet's most popular of crates, this Large Wood Crate offers excellent proportions that offer an attractive, rustic touch anywhere you place it at home or at the office. All Crates & Pallet 12.5 in. wide crates are specially designed to hold hanging file folders perfectly. Add wheels and you have a rolling file cabinet - or stack the crates to create a unique vertical shelving system.

A.This crate is perfect for light duty storage, crafting, and DIY projects. Depending on your specific needs (will it be mounted on a wall or flush with the floor?), you may want to consult the advice of a handyman.

A.Hi, These are Absolutely NOT durable enough for seating. These should be labeled "for decorative purposes only", in my opinion. They're not the same thickness as a shipping crate/pallet. Kinda more like something to hold decor pieces or crafts/lightweight storage. They are not something that would hold up to everyday pulling & tugging without some additional DIY reinforcement pieces. BELIEVE the reviews!!!

I ordered five of these crates for an upcoming event hoping to use them for carrying items around in and then for storage afterwards. The shipping alert told me they would all arrive the next Friday (we had event rehearsal and needed all of them by the following Monday, so that was great). However, only 2 of them arrived on time and one was severely damaged. I didn't receive the other 3 until the following Tuesday. When we put our props in the crates to bring to the event site for a much delayed rehearsal, the slats all broke right off. So we had to go to the hardware store and buy new wood to replace the splintered slats and wood finishing nails to go through and reinforce all the other crates that hadn't been damaged. We purchased these because of budget constraints and couldn't pay $75/crate. But we should have because after all the waiting, additional material and man hours to fix them- the price just wasn't worth it.

Gideon Feiner, CEO of Polymer Logistics NV, The Netherlands, and Dorn Wenninger, vice president of floral and retail for Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores, agree that wood look RPC crates will be a game-changer for the RPC industry. CHICAGO — Reusable plastic crates have their advantages, but giving the produce department a natural appearance hasn’t been counted as one of them.    However, the new wood-look RPC from Polymer Logistics has an important and enthusiastic fan in Dorn Wenninger, vice president of produce and floral for Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores.   The Polymer Logistics wood-look RPC is functionally just the same crate as other RPCs, with the same footprint and the same reverse logistics, he said.    “In effect it is just the visual impact, but we think that is important,” he said June 10 at the Polymer Logistics booth at the United Fresh expo. “This is a game-changer in the RPC industry,” he said. “We have great confidence this will be a big success.”   Wenninger said Wal-Mart began talking with Polymer Logistics about a year ago about the wood-look RPC. From the first time he saw it, Wenninger said he considered it a positive step and an improvement over existing RPCs, which have changed little in appearance since Wal-Mart first began using them more than 10 years ago.   Wenninger said that Polymer Logistics — an existing supplier to Wal-Mart of standard looking RPCs — was the only company that came to the retailer with the wood-look RPC design.   He said Wal-Mart receives about half of its produce in corrugated cartons and about half in RPCs. While some commodities may perform better in corrugated cartons than RPCs and vice-versa, Wenninger said Wal-Mart supports reusable containers for sustainability reasons.   “We are directionally supportive of RPCs as a general step and we love the look of these; you will see us leaning in more heavily in the coming months,” he said.   The wood-look RPCs have been tested in multiple Wal-Mart stores in northwest Arkansas, he said, and the responses from consumers and Wal-Mart associates has been positive. Wenninger also showed them to Wal-Mart store managers in February and received enthusiastic feedback, he said.   The pace of rolling them out will be slowed by a limited supply. He said the chain plans to phase them in on a regional basis.   “This is not about flagship stores, large or small stores, ultimately I want this RPC in all my stores,” he said.   Having a container that looks great to consumers is powerful, he said.   “RPCs are always important for creating an efficient means (of moving product) from the farm to the shelf, but to me this is helping focus on the customer experience,” he said.   “It is important to signal to consumers and associates that we are different and we are better, and to help demonstrate some of the steps we have made over the past several years.”   For example, Wenninger said that wood-look RPC is on-trend with consumer preferences and reinforces initiatives by Wal-Mart to increase local produce sourcing and also boost organic produce sales.   The wood-look RPC conveys a farmers’ market feel in the produce department, he said.    “Wal-Mart is outpacing growth of organic produce versus the rest of the industry and we are significantly committed to local produce,” he said.    Gideon Feiner, CEO of Netherlands-based Polymer Logistics, praised Wal-Mart’s vision to improve the consumer experience.   Feiner said that other RPC makers could try to get on board the trend toward more natural looking RPCs, but he expects the overall market demand for RPCs to grow as a result.    Wenninger said that Wal-Mart supports innovation and first-mover advantage. While Wal-Mart may source from other RPC suppliers, Wenninger said he expects Polymer Logistics will be an important partner with the chain in the coming months and years.